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Link made to the chronology of Science Fiction by Daniel Chandler.

The Financial Times joined the WWW at


The EC has compiled a list of WWW pages related to the Information Society.


The Financial Times today reports that J Sainsbury joined the Internet to offer shopping services.


The Sunday Times carried an advertisement on its front page bearing the text


Theses pages are now listed in the The World Lecture Hall, a global listing of teaching materials on all topics.


Some links to the World Wide Web have been added. Any further suggestions are welcomed.


You might like to look at some teaching tips.

I have added links to some essays by George Gilder to the lectures page.


The lecture notes are now being made available on the World Wide Web. They look nicer on Netscape than on Lynx, but to get them to load in a respectable time I have had to put the graphs and complex diagrams onto separate pages. For further information and for Lynx users, I have included the data.


I have reorganised the Information Society home page to help people find things.

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