MGMT 550

Information Technology and Business Strategy Ewan Sutherland

Reading lists

Required text

There is no required text. Instead there is a packet of readings and cases, plus a reading list. The packet is available on the ground floor of Old North at the GSB copy room (contents of the packet are listed in the appendix).


  1. Please make sure you do have a complete packet.
  2. The order of the packet has little to do with the sequence of events in the class.


The following journals contain material on the subject (in order of increasing technical content):

The following magazines by consulting practices can also be useful:

The following magazines will also be useful:


Introductory reading

Peter G W Keen (1995) "Every Manager's Guide to Information Technology; a glossary of key terms and concepts for today's business leader" Second Edition. Harvard Business School Press, Boston, MA. [1991 edition on 24-hour loan]

General reading (teaching)

James I Cash, Robert G Eccles, Nitin Nohria and Richard L Nolan (1994) "Building the Information-Age Organization: Structure, Control and Information Technologies" Richard Irwin, Homewood, IL.

James I Cash, F Warren McFarlan and James L McKenney (1992) "Corporate Information Systems Management; issues facing senior managers" (3rd edition) Richard Irwin, Homewood, IL.

Claudio Ciborra and Tawfik Jelassi (1994) "Strategic Information Systems; a European perspective" John Wiley and sons, Chichester. [24-hour loan]

Michael J Earl (1989) "Management Strategies for Information Technology" Prentice-Hall, Hemel Hempstead.

Seev Neumann (1994) "Strategic Information Systems; competition through information technologies" Macmillan, New York. [24-hour loan]

General reading (research)

Thomas Allen and Michael Scott Morton (eds.) (1994) "Information Technology and the Corporation of the 1990s; research studies" Oxford University Press, New York. [24-hour loan]

Claudio Ciborra (1993) "Teams, Markets and Systems; business innovations and information technology" Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

National Research Council (1994) "Information Technology in the Service Society; a twenty-first century lever" National Academy Press, Washington DC. (ISBN 0-309-04876-1)

Michael S Scott Morton (1991) "The Corporation of the 1990s: information technology and organizational transformation" Oxford University Press, New York. [24-hour loan]

Shoshana Zuboff (1988) "In the Age of the Smart Machine" Basic Books, New York. [24-hour loan]

General reading (practitioner)

C Gordon Bell (1991) "High-Tech Ventures; the guide for entrepreneurial success" Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA.

Thomas H Davenport (1993) "Process Innovation" Harvard Business School Press, Boston, MA. [24-hour loan]

Peter G W Keen (1991) "Shaping the Future; business design through information technology" Harvard Business School Press, Boston, MA. [24-hour loan]

Mary Lacity and Rudi Hirschheim (1993) "Information Systems Outsourcing" John Wiley & Son, Chichester. [New version due in autumn 1995.]

James L McKenney (1995) "Waves of Change; business evolution through information technology" Harvard Business School Press, Boston, MA. [24-hour loan]

Richard L Nolan and David C Croson (1995) "Creative Destruction; a six-stage process for transforming the organisation" Harvard Business School Press, Boston, MA.

Paul Strassmann (1990) "The Business Value of Computers: an executive's guide" The Information Economics Press, New Canaan, CN. [24-hour loan]

Paul Strassmann (1995) "The Politics of Information Management" Information Economics Press, New Canaan, CN. (forthcoming)

Tapscott and Morton "Paradigm Shift" [24-hour loan

James P Womack, Daniel T Jones and Daniel Roos (1990) "The Machine That Changed the World" MIT Press, Boston. [p24-hour loan]

Appendix -- Contents of package

  1. James Quinn and Martin Baily (1994) "Information Technology; increasing productivity in services" Academy of Management Executive 8 (3) 28-51.
  2. Singapore TradeNet (A): A Tale of One City (HBS 191-009) Singapore TradeNet (B): The Tale Continues (HBS 193-136)
  3. Clifford Stoll (1988) "Stalking the Wily Hacker" Communications of the ACM 31 (5) 484-497.
  4. Lotus MarketPlace: Households (HBS 9-392-026)
  5. Eric A Weiss et al. (1990) "Self-Assessment" Communications of the ACM 33 (11) 110-132.
  6. Steven E Prokesch (1993) "Mastering Chaos at the High-Tech Frontier; an interview with Silicon Graphics's Ed McCracken" Harvard Business Review 71 (5) 134-144. (Reprint 93609)
  7. T J Rogers (1990) "No Excuses Management" Harvard Business Review 90 (4) 84-98. (Reprint 90409)
  8. Ira C Magaziner and Mark Patinkin (1989) "Fast Heat; how Korea won the microwave war" Harvard Business Review 67 (1) 83-92. (reprint 89114)
  9. Andrew Rappaport and Shmuel Halevi (1991) "The Computerless Computer Company" Harvard Business Review 69 (4) pp 69-80. (Reprint 91411)
  10. MSAS Cargo International: Global Freight Management, Strategic Information Systems (SMU Cox MIS 92001.1)
  11. Tele Danmark EDB: Building a strategic information architecture (INSEAD 695-003-1)
  12. Exxon Chemical (IMD 393-028-1)
  13. Otis Elevator (HBS 191-213)
  14. KPMG Peat Marwick: The Shadow Partner (HBS 9-492-002)
  15. Pacific Bell: Centrex Reengineering (HBS 9-195-098)
  16. Michael Hammer (1990) "Reengineering Work; Don't Automate, Obliterate" Harvard Business Review 68 (4) 104-112. (Reprint 90406)
  17. Thomas Davenport and James E Short (1990) "The New Industrial Engineering; IT and Business Process Redesign" Sloan Management Review Summer, pp. 11-27. (Reprint )
  18. Raymond Caron, Sirkka Jarvenpaa and Donna B Stoddard (1994) "Business Reengineering at CIGNA Corporation: experiences and lessons learned from the first five years" MIS Quarterly 18 (3) 233-250.
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  29. Soumitra Dutta and Yves Doz (1994) "Linking Information Technology to Business Strategy at Banco Comercial Português" Journal of Strategic Information Systems 4 (1) 89-110.
  30. Eastman Kodak Co: Managing Information Systems through Strategic Alliances (HBS 9-192-030)
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