From OLTP to SAP

Ewan Sutherland

MGMT 550

Georgetown School of Business

On-Line Transaction Processing

The search for linkage

Business strategists

IS managers wanted to

Is the IS function really different?

Vested interests in moving to SIS


Role of academics

For example:

Computer industry

Porter and Millar

Information intensity matrix

Strategic Information Systems

Examples -- clichés

Merrill Lynch & Co

American Hospital Supplies



Information partnerships

Information analysis

Position of information systems

Five levels of IT-induced reconfiguration

Options for Network Redesign

Management in The Nineties

... there has never been such a profound analysis of the ways in which IT can affect business performance for good or ill, nor such a complete prescription of the measures companies must adopt if they are to stay afloat in the uncharted waters of today’s fiercely-competitive global marketplace.
Alan Cane Financial Times 30.iv.1990

MIT90s view of IT infrastructure

Framework for strategic alignment

Strategic alignment process

Research issues