The Information Society


Students are required to submit three essays of up to 2,000 words, these are equally weighted.

It is assumed that work will be prepared using word processing software and printed, though not necessarily on a laser printer.

Assignments must be the work of the student submitting the work. Plagiarism will be severely penalised.

Receipts must be obtained from the Informatics Secretary for all work submitted.

Marking criteria

First essay

One of the following titles:

1. Discuss the value of the industrial revolution as a parallel for the information revolution.

2. How can we avoid the creation of an economic, technological and information “underclass”?

3. Given the choice to work and shop at home would you accept it and what would be the implications?

Submission date: 3 pm Thursday 16 February 1995

Comments on the first essay

Second essay

One of the following titles:

4. Analyse how technology influences the ways in which people write.

5. In our information society, privacy no longer exists.

6. Critically evaluate the concept of the ‘global village’.

Submission date: 3 pm Thursday 23 March 1995

Third essay

One of the following titles:

7. Does science fiction tell us anything about the future or is it just mindless escapism?

8. Analyse the changes in business brought about by the growing use of information technology.

9. Discuss how the increasing use of information technology is changing the image and reality of the home and domestic life.

Submission date: 3 pm Thursday 27 April 1995

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