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Artech House (Publishing house, specialising in telecommunications)

Thursday 22nd February 1996

European Travel Commission

6th Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy

48th Conference on World Affairs

Financial Deadman's Island

Monday 22nd January 1996

Saturday 20th January 1996

With Mosaic 2.1 Beta, you can see:

Tuesday 16th January 1996

Sites with reference links

Monday 15th January 1996

Netscape Version 2.0 Beta 5 is now available.

Mosaic Version 2.1 Beta is now available. This is compatible with Kodak's Photo-CD format.

Fashion special


Friday 17th November 1995

For those with a taste for adventure, the Beta release of Netscape is now available, together with an add-on for VRML (Virtual Reality Mark-up Langauge).


To download these files position the mouse over the blue text and hold down the right button on your mouse. Then Select Save this link as, after which you will be prompted for a file name and location.

Be very careful where you put these files, they explode into a large number of files and directories.

Monday 13th November 1995

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation conference

MSI Global Inc providing research on global investment opportunities.

International Monetary Fund, but only a gopher site, nothing fancy.

US News and World Report.

Thursday 9th November 1995

Project Management Institute offers courses and certification in project management.

Yet more telecmmunications sites:

Web tools

Looking to more sophisticated uses of the Web, some people at the University of Georgia have developed a Web-based interface for groupware.

Monday 6th November 1995

One of the less likely newcomers to the Web is Plumbnet for plumbers, architects and interior designers.

Who needs tourism when there is Terminal Reality.

Harley-Davidson the motorcycle is now on the Web.

Cyber Business Journal.

Hong Kong Standard is now on the Web.

BRIE, the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy.

Wednesday 1 st November 1995

Our class is now listed in the World Lecture Hall along with many other on-line classes.

I have move News linsk to a separate page and expanded the coverage to include more continental European papers.

Tuesday 24th October 1995

I have upgraded the News section of the MGMT550 Home page. This now includes links to the Financial Times, Press Association, Reuters' headlines on Yahoo and CNN. Additionally, for those with sound cards there is ABC hourly news at 15 minutes past every hour and for those with Adobe Acrobat there is the New York Times. On a slightly more technical note there is the New York Times' Computer News daily.

Monday 23rd October 1995

From Today's Financial Times:

The Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Friday 20th October 1995

VH1 has moved from here.viacom.vh1 to vh1.com.

From Telecom '95 The conference and exhibition itself.

For those of you interested in the capabilities of ISDN there are demonstrations being organised worldwide, including DC and Tysons Corner. These events are from 28 to 30 December.

Kallback One of the original callback services.

The Internet: Internic and The Internet Society. A day in the life of cyberspace: 1010

My paper in WordforWindows format and the PowerPoint format.

Tuesday 17th October 1995

Fortune magazine is on the Web. Currently it has a special annual feature on information technology.

Monday 16th October 1995

I have installed on the PowerPC in the Technology Center the software necessary for RealAudio. This gives you access to news, sports reporting and music in real time. The quality is adequate, but far from inspiring and I would be reluctant to use it with a modem at less than 30 kilobits per second. This technology has extremely serious implications for the news and music businesses. The RealAudio site has some very nice examples.

European Business Directory. This includes interfaces in different languages with access to information about differenct companies and general economic data. It includes a system for selecting hotels and restaurants in Paris.

Business Day a business newspaper in Thailand.

SmallbizNet is a US-based service with information on entrepeneurs and organisations supporting them.

Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis has key economic indicators and the Beige Book.

Marketing and the Internet a course at Duke University by John McCann and John Gallagher of the Fuqua School of Business. Interestingly Fuqua has had its home pages designed by an extrenal professional agency.

Saturday 14th October 1995

The Financial Times provides the following cooking pages on the Web:

Wednesday 11th October 1995

Illuminations in the UK, operates an arts site, which includes information about Dance Umbrella and The Turner Prize.

The Economist Magazine now has a site. This includes a recent reports on telecommunications and the internet. Politics USA for those who just cannot get enough of the guys on that other Washington hilltop. For those with specific legislative needs, try Thomas.

For those who want to get away from this or both hilltops, try the Aviation server. This includes an extensive list of airlines.

another escape is through the bottle,such as scotch or Guinness.

Worknet is a UK-based service bringing together employers and potential employees.

Information about accepting payments using MasterCard and Visa on the Internet.

Q Comm is a telecommunications service bureau.

Friday 5th October 1995

Professor Mary Culnan has pointed out that the Benton Foundation has a programme examining issues of communications and society.

More retailing information can be found Ibex Gloabl Business Alliance.

Monday 2nd October 1995

Georgetown University now has a deal with DCEZ to provide access to the Internet. Telephone (703) 924 9234. Leaflets for this are available from G4 Old North.


Retailing URLs

Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO)

More newspapers: Asahi Shimbun (Japanese newspaper) and Wall Street Journal.

Amsterdam Stock Exchange

Institute for International Economics Dupont Circle, Washington, DC

Grupo Negocios (News about business in South America and Spain in Spanish)

Friday 29th September 1995

I have instigated a new page for this week which contain material relevant to the current teaching week. In fact the week of 2 to 6 October. I hope this helps.

The SEC has reorganised EDGAR.

Tuesday 26th September 1995

Paul Maloney has produced some numbers from Smart Money (October 1995 issue) on ATMs and fraud:

Monday 25th September 1995

Notes for Wednesday's and Thursday's lecture.

Tuesday 19th September 1995

British pop music group VH1

British political parties:

Radio sports update Fastball. This requires downloading and installing a Real-time audio player.

Monday 18th September 1995

For an historical view of computing you might like to look at ENIAC, one of the first computers. It was built at the Moore School at the University of Pennsylvania fifty years ago.

An additional publication you may find helpful is Information Week at CMP. That company also publishes Communications Week and Communications Week International.

Australian Stock Exchange


Starting Point.

Thursday 14th September 1995

Published today is the report of the US Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights and the NAtional Information Infrastructure.

Tuesday 12th September 1995

I have written a fairly brief note on our discusion of the Singapore EDI case. If you wish to continue the discussion, then please feel free to use the News group.

The Chicago Board of Trade is now on the Web.

Monday 11th September 1995

I have now put tables up showing the groups of which I have been notified.

Some people want to download a copy of Netscape. You can obtain these from London UK and from Sunsite in North Carolina.

Thursday 7th September 1995

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is available on the Web. From this you can obtain 10K and 10Q reports.

Wednesday 6th September 1995

I have added a list of Search engines and starting points to help people find things on the web.

Tuesday 5th September 1995

Classes today are being held in the Technology Center.

A Newsgroup has been established for the class, known as gtu.mgmt550.

You may wish to look at some computer companies. These are generally in the form http://www.X.com, where X is the name of the company: IBM, DEC, MOT (for Mototorla), Sony, SGI (Silicon Graphics), EDS, etc. For example, IBM.

Universities in the USA are generally in the form: http://www.X.edu where X is the name of the university: Harvard, Berkeley, Yale, UIUC, UCSD, etc. For example, Harvard.

Netscape will show you pages on the Web. It will also allow you to:

Monday 4th September 1995

There is an allegedly official ranking of home pages for Business Schools CNN is now on the Web. This includes Quicktime Movie clips which are best viewed on the PowerMac.

Those with artistic interests may care to look at some web-based art galleries and magazines. This includes an electronic postcard service.

Thursday 31st August 1995

Links to government sites. Many of the US sites are taken from the Washington Post which has been running a feature this week on the World Wide Web.


Wednesday 30th August 1995


There seems to be a problem with people trying to move from Tuesday-Thursday sessions to the Monday-Wednesday session. These people need to see the graduate office.

Film and studio URLs

These are best attempted on the PowerMac!